Monday, March 15, 2010

Remembering Richard Ward Fatherley

From the website of radio station KXOX in St. Louis, Frank Absher credited this quote to Bud Connell regaring Fatherley's early career there: (

"Richard Ward Fatherley: One of only a half-dozen men to come to me with a built-in stage name, and also the best production man ever to cut tape. The voice of God was just a bonus."

Life has been hectic for me lately with all the recent changes, but I can't let the opportunity go by to acknowledge the passing of my friend and colleague, Richard Ward Fatherley. He did the same kind of work as most of us in broadcasting, but with uncommon excellence, and for many more years than most.

Over the years, many less hardy folks gave in to the hard knocks of the broadcasting industry, but Fatherley was a rare one who rolled with the changes and always came out on top.

He loved to kid me because at one time long ago, he was my boss as program director.  I still expect him to come up behind me and in his mellifluous voice, say, "Bodine, this is your Program Director, Richard Ward Fatherley."

So long, pal, I'll miss you.

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